Data Processing Notice

This notice is necessary due to the new GDPR regulations. By making an enquiry you consent to these terms:

The basis on which I keep client data is that of “Legitimate Interests”. This means that the data is
necessary for me to fulfil the contract that we have together (ie to provide therapy) and that it is data that you would reasonably expect me to hold and use.

For those who enquire about therapy, the data I hold includes any information you have sent me by email/text/message.

For those who book and attend at least one session, the data I hold includes:
– Basic information such as name, email address, phone number
– Information that you give me as part of the work we do together
– Records of what interventions that I use in our sessions
– Emails, texts and/or messages that are sent between us
– Information sent from any third party, eg GP, insurance company, EAP

Any emails sent between us are held in my gmail account which is itself GDPR compliant.
Any texts/Whatsapp messages/Messenger messages sent between us are held on my phone which is only unlocked by facial recognition or security code.
Any notes are encrypted, anonymised and are held in my phone which is only unlocked by facial recognition or security code, or archived to Google drive which is itself GDPR compliant.

Your data is kept for 8 years. The length of time is based on the stipulation of my insurer and professional bodies (NSHP&M and UKCP). You have the right to access or delete the data.

I will share anonymised information with my supervisor to ensure I’m providing the best possible therapy to you, not even your first name or workplace is disclosed. With your consent and prior discussion, I may share information with your GP. In the event of my sudden unavailability my supervisor would be given just your contact details to let you know what’s happened to me and to arrange ongoing therapy.

Therapy is mostly confidential but it’s important that you know that the law may forbid confidentiality if I become aware, or have good reason to suspect, that you have knowledge of:
– A past or future incident/situation that may be dangerous or harmful to a child, you or another
adult, and that is not known to the relevant authorities.
– Future or past criminal activity that has not been resolved in law and is deemed a “serious offence” for which you could be imprisoned. This does not include personal use of illegal drugs which you should disclose to me where relevant to your therapy.  In particular it is compulsory for me to report terrorism, potential radicalisation, money laundering and female genital mutilation to the appropriate authorities.
In these circumstances I will work with you to see if we can work together to make appropriate

Due to the need to maintain therapeutic boundaries, It’s not appropriate to form friendships or relationships with my clients or ex-clients, either in person or online, but you are very welcome to “Like” my professional Catherine Spence Therapy facebook page.